Re: (forw) per-arch __P removal done, please test

On Wed, 2002/03/20 at 10:15:08 -0800, Alfred Perlstein wrote:
> I've taken the time to do the grunt work of __P removal for several
> arches, please take the time to test and let me know if I can commit
> the deltas:

The sparc64 part looks good to me, please commit it, except for the
changes to profile.h (which looks completely different in p4 and is
also de-__Ped there) and bus.h (which has most of the prototypes
removed in p4, as well as other changes). The p4 changes to those
files will be committed soon, and doing the de-__Ping now would just
cause unnecessary conflicts.


- thomas

Thomas Moestl <tmoestl@xxxxxxx>
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