Re: (forw) per-arch __P removal done, please test

* Terry Lambert <tlambert2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [020320 14:13] wrote:
> David O'Brien wrote:
> Alfred has made a name for himself by tackling unpleasent
> grunt work as it comes up; so freaking what? The:

Yah, really...

> > You just want to get your name in lights don't you??
> comment is really unwarranted.

Goes without saying. :)

> At a previous company, a manager got a bug up his butt that
> getting rid of LINT warnings using FlexiLint would magically
> make the code better, even though some of the casts that had
> to be there to make that happen actually hid important
> semantic conversions which constrained future use. Making
> the code LINT cleanly hid these semantics, planting land
> mines for future programmers.
> Rather than shut down engineering for a week while people
> went off on this futile and (be honest) assinine exercise,
> I and one other engineer took it upon ourselves to spend a
> little over 4 hours "fixing" the code so that it LINT'ed
> cleanly, after it was announced that the company would take
> time out to "fix the LINT bugs".
> Did we get some public kudos over it? Yes. But that was
> not the intent of the exercise. The intent of the exercise
> was to get the LINT-harpies off the backs of the engineers
> so that the make-work of passing some idiotic tool's idea
> of what constitutes good taste didn't impact the developement
> schedule. The public kudos in fact detracted from the point
> we were trying to make by somehow legitimizing the exercise;
> we didn't care: we hadn't lost ...

a week to all of engineering

> diddling themselves.

Then _I_ did this:

echo CFLAGS+=-O >> /src/root/make.conf

and broke the build for them because of various things that
gcc didn't pick up without optimization turned on.

oh the joys of working there. :)


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