Subject: RE: referencing fonts in pdf and embedding them in
pdf-a with one fop.xconf

Ok, thank you very much for your answer


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Subject: Re: referencing fonts in pdf and embedding them in pdf-a with one fop.xconf


Why is it important to have just one config file?

When generating PDF FOP subsets TTF by default, unless the fonts are explicitly referenced (in which case references them) or embed-mode="full" is specified (in which case they are fully embedded). Type1 fonts on the other hand are fully embedded be default (subset embedding for Type1 is not supported yet).

So, yes, you need to config files to achieve what you want. Otherwise you get referencing.

On 3/22/13 11:49 AM, Francesco Nigro wrote:

Hi all,

I’m trying to create one fop.xconfig so that fonts are automatically embedded in pdf-A and referenced in pdf.


I defined the tag <referenced-fonts> and also the embed-url attribute but referenced-fonts always prevails and pdf-a generation fails with this error:

org.apache.fop.pdf.PDFConformanceException: For PDF/A-1b, all fonts have to be embedded!



My config is:



    <match font-family="Arial"/>



  <font kerning="yes" embed-url="">

    <font-triplet name="Arial" style="normal" weight="normal"/>


et name="any" style="normal" weight="normal"/>





I have read the manual pages and searched online but I didn’t find a clear answer;

there is a way to do that with just one config file?



Thank you very much




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