Subject: Designing a PDF guide with Multiple column blocks
using Apache FOP

Hi FOP users,
My task is to generate PDF guide for many entities, in the following format
- A4 size page say : 800pt x 600pt (apart from margins)- Top 200pt x 600pt will contain a image and some metadata - Below this should start the description in 2-column format, just like newspapers. Bigger descriptions follow the same 2-column format on next pages.
I added the description on SOF, but no response, please help me !!
[ Imagine A4 page has dimensions 800pt x 600pt. The top 200pt x 600 pt will 
hold a image and some meta data about the entity. The space below this region
needs to contain the description, but in two-column format (like newspapers).
Sometimes description is so-big, that it spans mutiple pages. ]

I plan to create .fo file using the data I have, and then get PDF using Apache FOP. When I use

    margin-top="1cm" margin-bottom="0.25cm"

quot;2" column-gap="0.25in"/> : <fo:external-graphic src="url('image.jpg')"/> <fo:block ..... >

the image appears, but text starts from the top of the second column on the page, on top of the image. Please guide me, how to go about designing this layout. Any pointers to similar design will be useful. Thanks all