Subject: AW: Hyphenation

Hi Robert,


Thanks for you very quick answer.


I’ve seen you have fixed it (expermential or unreviewed).

So the patch is provided in the nightly build?

Because I will have a try on this bugfix.


Best Regards from germany




Von: Robert Meyer [mailto:rmeyer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Gesendet: Montag, 21. Januar 2013 17:54
An: fop-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Betreff: RE: Hyphenation



Not sure about the first one, but there was a patch I submitted a couple of weeks ago regarding FOP not breaking words with an underline. This can be seen here:

The patch is still waiting to be reviewed, so it might be worth looking out for the fix whenever someone gets around to looking at it.


Robert Meyer

Subject: Hyphenation
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 17:25:42 +0100
From: markus.sticker.epos@xxxxxx
To: fop-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi there,


I wonder about the hyphenation in fop or offo, because
if I try to hyphenate


computermonitor  = com-puter-mon-it-or




computer_monitor  = computer_monitor  ...


So I tried to extend the rules but I didn’t get a better result.

I tried to add more patterns in the user pattern file like “_0 …”

Maybe somebody has a idea to fix this.


Best Regards