Subject: Re: Performance improvement suggestions

that's not an error, its the shell's "dot" command [1]; perhaps you are using a non-standard shell that doesn't support it

On Sun, Jan 20, 2013 at 6:16 PM, nels <nbhchan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Pascal Sancho-2 wrote
> Probably, fop[58] is for fop shell script, line 58; you should have a
> look into that part.

The reference to line 58 points to the fop script where at said line it
executes the configuration file:

if [ -f "$BMS/cus/scripts/.fop/fop.xconf" ] ; then
 . $BMS/cus/scripts/.fop/fop.xconf

It looks innocent enough until I noticed the leading period (.) on the
second line which is line 58. In fact the other configuration file
references in the downloaded fop script, before and after this one, have the
same error:

# Source/default fop configuration
if $no_config ; then
 # load system-wide fop configuration
 if [ -f "/etc/fop.conf" ] ; then
  . /etc/fop.conf

 # load user fop configuration
 if [ -f "$HOME/.fop/fop.conf" ] ; then
  . $HOME/.fop/fop.conf
 if [ -f "$HOME/.foprc" ] ; then
  . "$HOME/.foprc"

I have removed the offending period and it now runs. Thanks for all the

just starting out with FOP - don't hurt me!
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