Subject: Re: Performance improvement suggestions

Alexios Giotis wrote
>> use a server VM and
> Yes, it will definitely help.

Where can I find instructions on setting up a server VM?

Alexios Giotis wrote
> You will have to write at least how many pages your documents are and what
> you mean by "near instantaneous conversion". Assuming you have images and
> an output of 2-4 pages, it will be hard to get below 100ms per document,
> after warming up. Having said that, here is some other points that will
> help:
> * Create a single org.apache.fop.apps.FopFactory and reuse it. It should
> be thread-safe and this is how you will get the best performance after
> rendering a couple of documents (warm-up)

How do you do that?

Alexios Giotis wrote
> * Make sure the JVM has enough heap (-Xmx). I would not recommend below
> 512MB.
> * If you don't need complex script support (e.g. Arabic, Hebrew scripts),
> then use
> userAgent.setComplexScriptFeaturesEnabled(false);
> * This is obvious, but use the latest FOP release.

I'll try these. I'm using 1.1 RC1 and JRE 1.6 on AIX 5.3.

just starting out with FOP - don't hurt me!
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