Subject: Re: fop-ttfreader - output bounding box
information for characters?

Hi Chris,


On Monday, January 07, 2013 11:44:46 AM Chris Bowditch wrote:

>>>> Patch from pMML2SVG, slightly modified to apply to FOP 1.1 sources,

>>>> attached.


>>> Thanks for the patch. To get this added to the code base please raise an

>>> issue in JIRA, add the diff as an attachment and include [PATCH] in the

>>> subject line. A committer will then review the patch before applying it.


>> Created an issue:



> Thank you.


So, can this patch be reviewed/integrated?


> >> I know Peter Hancock is looking into doing something similar as he is

> >> working on getting Batik to use FOP configured fonts instead of the

> >> system ones. Peter mentioned to me offlist that he was going to need to

> >> expose a few extra things in TTFReader to facilitate this, could be you

> >> are covering similar ground here.

> >

> > Maybe. Then again, the root of the issue is not Batik - that issue I work

> > around by embedding fonts. It is JEuclid's use of system fonts which is

> > why I am switching to pMML2SVG - which needs bounding box information for

> > glyphs.

> >

> > BTW, another useful feature in pMML2SVG that was not available in JEuclid

> > is that pMML2SVG outputs baseline position information in the generated

> > SVG - so that inline equations can be properly positioned on the line.


> Sounds like we need a FOP plug-in for pMML2SVG to replace the ageing

> JEuclid one.


Pardon my ignorance, but what is FOP using for the XSL transformation? Is it Xalan-based? In that case, it probably won't be sufficient: pMML2SVG requires XSLT 2.0, which, as far as I understand, is only supported by Saxon.