Subject: U+200e left-to-right mark glyph not available

G'day, everyone. I've encountered some trouble using the bidi control
character U+200E "left-to-right mark (LRM)" as described in the complex
script guide for Apache FOP 1.1.

According to, Arial Unicode MS 1.01 supports this
character but I encounter a warning message from FOP during rendering
and a "#" character is shown in its place. I couldn't find any recent
discussions about this for Apache FOP 1.1, hence this new message.


= OUTPUT (trimmed) =
C:\fop-1.1>fop -c fop.xml -fo in.xml -pdf out.pdf
Jan 02, 2013 9:46:35 AM
WARNING: Glyph "?" (0x200e, afii299) not available in font

* fop.xml: fop xml configuration
* in.xml: fop xml input
* out.pdf: pdf output


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