Re: .ttc fonts with version 0.95 (no metric


what exactly didn't work creating the metric files for a TTC?

To your question: no, I don't think TTCs will work without XML font
metrics in FOP 0.95.

Please take a look at:
There have been a number of improvements on font support, namely also an
improvement for TTCs concerning auto-detection, in FOP Trunk. When
configuring a single sub-font of a TTC, Trunk also contains an
(see the "sub-font" attribute on <font>)

On 28.02.2009 04:03:53 Maria2009 wrote:
> Hello,
> until now I used the FOP renderer without creating a metric file, just with
> .ttf files. Now I have to use .ttc files as well, and I wonder, whether
> these work like the .ttf files.
> - When I just inserted them in the config and my XSL-FO file, they did not
> work.
> - Trying to create a metric file (with -ttcname) did not work, but I will
> ask at another helpful place for this.
> Question: Can I use .tcc fonts without creating a metric file, and what do I
> have to do to get it working?
> Thanks!
> Maria
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