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Thanks for the swift response Paul.

I don't know if I explained this well. What I want is for the text's _foreground_ colour (hey, just realised you must be a Brit) to be fully transparent. That way it will not display when overlaid on the background image, but will still be searchable and selectable. Transparent block background seems to be the default, but I only seem to have 3 rgb channels of foreground

<fo:block-container left='26.4px' position='absolute' top='252.48px'>
<fo:block font-size='8.16px' color='rgb(255, 0, 0)'>
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On 27 Feb 2009, at 12:16, paul womack wrote:

Duncan McGregor wrote:
I'm trying to work out how to write transparent text to overlay OCR data on top of its source image.
I've seen it done in PDFs, but cannot find how to represent transparency in xsl:fo
Thanks in anticipation

Text is set in the foreground colour, and has no background colour
per se.

What might be loosely termed "opaque text" is merely text upon (and in)
a coloured box (which has a colour, which we might term background colour)

If the text you wish to be "transparent" is in a box, it is the box's
colour you need to suppress - so if you've been looking
in the text control parameters, you may well have missed it.

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