Re: Image caching issue in FOP 0.20.5

A.Jha@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:


I am seeking your help in sorting out memory issue in my application.

I am using* FOP version 0.20.5*. I am experiencing memory leakage in my application since I am using FOP 0.20.5 for PDF generation.

Recent heap dumps generated in my application shows lots of images (JPG and GIF) in the heap memory.
Heap dump shows class* org.apache.fop.image.FopImageFactory* as leak suspect.

Could you please help me in gettting answers for below mentioned questions:

1. Image caching issue is there in FOP version 0.20.5?

I don't think so. How many images are you embedding in your document? Perhaps the cause for Out Of Memory Errors is that you've got a document with a 1000 unique images in it? Or maybe just 1 image per document but you submit 1000 documents which each reference a difference image. If the latter case is true, then you could resolve the problem by clearing the image cache after every X documents. There is an API method to clear the cache but can't remember what it was without looking at the code...

2. If yes can this issue be resolved by upgrading to higher version of FOP?

0.20.5 is very old now and there's very little knowledge of it within the FOP committer team. For this reason alone it is worth upgrading to the latest stable release.

3. If so please suggest appropriate version?

v0.95 is the latest stable release.

Please let me know what could be done to resolve this issue.



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