Re: FW: Help for svg to be shown on pdf file on
IBM AIX Server

Bibhu_Das wrote:


I am using fop-0.94 to generate a pdf using xsl and xml. Now I want to display svg(bar graphs) on the same pdf file by using fop.

But I am unable to see the bar graph on the pdf after running fop on the IBM AIX Server 5.2 .

I too have installed the X11 libraries for displaying bar graphs which is done by svg <fo:instream-foreign-object>.

Can I know the name of specific libraries for displaying svg bar graphs or how to proceed further for displaying svg bar graphs

FOP uses Batik to Render the SVG to PDF. Batik relies on calls to Java Graphics Libraries, which in turn try to connect to a X11 environment. You can tell Java not to do this by specifying the option -Djava.awt.headless=true when the Java application is started from the command line.

On the pdf file generated by fop on IBM AIX Operating system.



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