RE: Background-images again

Hi Georg,

If you are using FOP v0.9x, you can replace the background image by a
fo:external-object nested in a static region, in an fo:block-container in
absolute position.

So, yu can easily redifine the size (and position) of your background image.
The unique limitation is that you cannot use a repeatable pattern.



> -----Message d'origine-----
> De : Georg Datterl [mailto:georg.datterl@xxxxxxxxx]
> Envoyé : lundi 23 février 2009 13:00
> Hi everybody,
> We had this topic before, but new requirements need new
> solutions. My page-sequence (could be restricted to single
> pages) contains one image spanning the whole page, and a
> footer. Depending on whether it's a left or right page, the
> footer moves horizontally. The image does not move. Up to
> now, no problem, the image was defined as a background image
> spanning body and footer.
> Now the same image should work not only for A4, but A5 as well.
> The background image is not scalable, so the present solution
> doesn't work.
> Using an external-graphic, the footer is behind the
> overlapping body content, so the footer is not visible.
> Using a static block in the flow (restricting the
> page-sequence to one image), the difference between right and
> left page is lost.
> Asking those who are wise than me mabye works...
> Regards,
> Georg Datterl

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