Background-images again

Hi everybody,

We had this topic before, but new requirements need new solutions. My
page-sequence (could be restricted to single pages) contains one image spanning
the whole page, and a footer. Depending on whether it's a left or right page,
the footer moves horizontally. The image does not move. Up to now, no problem,
the image was defined as a background image spanning body and footer.

Now the same image should work not only for A4, but A5 as well.

The background image is not scalable, so the present solution doesn't work.
Using an external-graphic, the footer is behind the overlapping body content,
so the footer is not visible.
Using a static block in the flow (restricting the page-sequence to one image),
the difference between right and left page is lost.
Asking those who are wise than me mabye works...


Georg Datterl

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