Re: span is influencing page breaking?

Hi Georg,

Georg Datterl wrote:
> Hi everybody, especially Vincent.
> Attached fo-file contains a red block which is printed on the first page,
> although there's not enough space left. If I remove the span="all" for the
> block, it is printed on the next page. Can you tell me why span="all" is
> influencing the page break here?

This is very probably another manifestation of bug #46322:

See discussion here:<49352982.4070100@xxxxxxxxx>

The bug is triggered even if the previous blocks also span the whole
page. The fact that you didnât explicitly specify span="all" on the
previous block makes the code believe that there is a change in the
spanning, which triggers some special (and buggy) page break handling.

You found the workaround already. Hopefully it doesnât upset your whole
tool chain. Thatâs all I can say for now :-\


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