Re: PS output different from PDF

I'm going to have to investigate a bit more closely why the centering of
the barcode is not right in the PostScript case.

Anyway, there's a work-around: Specify
render-mode="java2d" or render-mode="svg"
on the <barcode:barcode> element the the PS result should be fine.

<xsl:attribute name="message">
<xsl:value-of select="steuerdaten/barcode" />

Note: This seems to be a Barcode4J problem, not a FOP problem.

On 19.02.2009 16:38:43 Frank Niedermann wrote:
> Hi,
> we plan to use FOP to create PDF and PS outputs for mails and printing.
> PDF creation works fine and output is as expected, but the PS output differs
> while using same stylesheet and data (xml).
> Is there a reason for this behavior?
> This is the stylesheet:

> This is the data:
> And we're creating PDF and PS with those commands:
> fop -xml data.xml -xsl test.xsl -ps
> fop -xml data.xml -xsl test.xsl -pdf
> Thanks,
> Frank
> Here are the two outputs, I hope they are visible ...
> test.pdf
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Jeremias Maerki

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