Re: Help for svg on IBM AIX

Please send questions about FOP to the fop-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
list in the future. Thanks.

If you just want to display SVG images, that requires Apache Batik in
the classpath. Batik is bundled with FOP.

I currently know of no FOP extensions that would allow to add bar graphs
(you mean charts, right?) in a special XML dialect as part of an
fo:instream-foreign-object. So that means you have to generate SVG
graphics from bar graphics using a third-party tool. You can find a
number of those under:
Or you use Google's Chart API, for example: (but that doesn't support SVG)

On 20.02.2009 07:34:01 Bibhu_Das wrote:
> Dear All,
> I have installed the X11 libraries for displaying bar graphs which is done by
> svg <fo:instream-foreign-object>.
> Can I know the name of specific libraries for displaying svg bar graphs.
> Thanks and Regards
> Bibhu Das

Jeremias Maerki