Re: Making Links in PDF

Yes, you'll need that fix I mentioned. You'll have to use the latest FOP
Trunk directly from the Subversion repository.

On 18.02.2009 14:28:06 useratnab wrote:
> Hey,
> first of all I gotta say: a big thanks to you and your support, I got some
> things fixed, I thought I'd never find the answer for :confused:
> But unfortunately there's still the "Cannot reference this object. It
> doesn't have an object number" error, when calling:
> g2d.addLink(targetRect, tx, "0 0 595 842", PDFLink.INTERNAL);
> What fop are you using?
> Is that "SVG #svgView(viewBox())" bug-fix necessary, you mentioned earlier?
> Thanks again Tim

Jeremias Maerki

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