Re: Bug in multi-column output

Hmmyes, this sounds very much like this bug if I'm not mistaken:

Would you mind attaching your FO file to this bug?

As a short-term work-around you could add non-breakable spaces after the

On 17.02.2009 15:58:17 Amick, Eric wrote:
> Attached is some FO and the PDF output for some data I'm printing. I
> thought the sets of data on either side of the rule should look the
> same, but they don't. The presence of space-end on an inline affects the
> result--I think there is already a bug filed for this--and the use of
> no-break spaces seems to matter as well. The line that is truncated
> occurs when there is no no-break space before the word "At" and
> space-end is on the inline. There is no problem with any of these when
> the output is single-column, probably because there is no line wrapping.
> If you want me to file a formal bug in Bugzilla, let me know.
> Eric Amick
> Legislative Computer Systems
> Office of the Clerk

Jeremias Maerki

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