Re: PDF OK, but overflow warnings

Hmm, the end-indent does have its reason to exist. If that was the
problem, it means that your list-block is not set up correctly for the
stuff you want to use in it. By removing the end-indent you just avoid
the symptom. You won't be able to detect actual overflows which affect
the visual outcome anymore. Granted, if all that's in the label is a
bullet character, it's no big deal, but if you have number which can
grow, at some point the text may overflow on the text in the item-body
and you won't notice in production until the document is printed and
sent to the recipient.

If you want to be on the safe side you should consider putting back the
end-indent and instead adjust provisional-distance-between-starts and
provisional-label-separation on fo:list-block.

Introduction to list-block in the FO spec:

On 16.02.2009 23:34:45 Maria2009 wrote:
> Great, one test and I got rid of the messages:
> Jeremias Maerki-2 wrote:
> >
> > Some people choose to ignore them (if the output looks good), others
> > don't because they are an indication that something is not quite right.
> > Without having an FO file to reproduce this, it's difficult to tell what
> > causes this. To visualize such overflows, it's sometimes helpful to put
> > background-color properties on some FO elements. Otherwise, you can
> > generate an FO file with your stylesheet and then run the FO separately.
> > That should get you more accurate cursor information so you can tell
> > exactly which strings cause the overflow.
> >
> I knew it happened when I implemented the footnotes, which for the first
> time I typed from a book without understanding everything, and exactly the
> attribute I did not yet understand was the problem:
> <fo:list-item-label end-indent="label-end()" font-size="9pt">
> This is how it works nicely:
> <fo:list-item-label font-size="9pt">
> I just did not know that there is a way to debug. Thanks,
> Maria
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