Re: Mac ttf fonts -- still causing trouble...

On 13.02.2009 01:33:16 Maria2009 wrote:
> Hello,
> for my work I write multilingual texts, mostly in Western languages and
> Japanese, but sometimes Trad. and Mod. Chinese or Korean is included as
> well. I write my texts in xml and just started writing style sheets for PDF
> output. Everything works fine on Mac OS X with oXygen and FOP 0.95 now. I am
> not a computer specialist, but I hope to explain my problem well:
> Some .ttf fonts do not work, these are all fonts that cannot produce metric
> files with TTFReader (I started with that, although now I do not use them
> since I realised 0.95 does not need them). The problem is mentioned
> frequently on this forum a well, a missing cmap table as the terminal says
> (although it seems that the fonts do have a cmap table).

More precisely, FOP requires a "Unicode CMap table". Unfortunately, not
all fonts have that.

> I could deal with the problem in 2 ways:
> - Workaround: Avoid those fonts and use replacement fonts -- which is
> difficult for few East Asian fonts.
> - Solving the problem working on the fonts or FOP/TTFReader -- which is far
> beyond my level of computer knowledge.
> So 2 questions:
> 1) Are there any Korean or Chinese ttf fonts for Mac that are known to work?

I don't know much about Korean and Chinese so I don't have any
recommendations. Let's hope someone else can help here.

> 2) This problem occurs in several variations between 2006 and 2008 on this
> forum, has there been a solution in the meantime?

No. So far nobody had enough of an itch to do something about it, I'm

> Thanks for lis...


Sorry for not having a better answer for you.

> Maria
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