Printing PDF on the client default printer.

Hi all,
The following message, posted on the list in 2004 exactly describes my
situation : I'm able to print a generated pdf file directly on printer (not
prompted to be opened) on the app server default printer but I'm not able to
print on the client default printer.
Thanks in advance for your help.

On Thu, 2004-10-21 at 00:29, Manoj_Nair@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> My requirement is to render an XML as a PDF and then print the PDF on the
> clients default printer. I dont want the PDF to prompt user to open the
> acrobat reader.
> I already have an applet on the client side which uses PrinterJob class to
> popup the printer selection box on client side.
> Now how do I redirect the content from server to this printer?
> Should I use Driver.RENDER_PRINT / Driver.RENDER_PCL set in the fop driver
> renderer ? and what content type should the response object return?
> Thanks
> Manoj
> PS: I have successfully use the FopPrinter example ( FopPrintServlet ) to
> print pdfs on the app servers default printer but what I need is to be
> able
> to print on the clients default printer and not on servers printer.

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