Re: Suppress the Form-Feed at the end of a


Christopher R. Maden wrote:
> Steffanina, Jeff wrote:
>> Unfortunately, the "single" page-sequence is so large that I run out of
>> memory.
> The problem is that figuring out a pagination strategy consumes memory.
> The page-sequence is one way FOP knows that it can stop calculating
> pagination and issue a bunch of complete pages; if pagination continued
> across page-sequences, youâd have the same memory problem with multiple
> page-sequences.
> I wonder if FOP could âhardenâ pages after some window, say 100 pages,
> and free the relevant memory, regardless of page-sequence breaks. That
> would address your problem and several othersâ.

This is a secondary goal of the work I am doing at the moment. The
primary goal is to implement support for sequences of pages that donât
all have the same width (e.g., switches from portrait to landscape
layout). One of the requirements of the new approach is to make it
possible to handle documents of arbitrary sizes. And a candidate
solution for this indeed is to have some kind of n-page window.

This is a long-term project though, so donât expect any breaking news on
this before a while...


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