adding fop.jar to ant build file of appfuse app


I am new to fop, ant and appfuse. I have a problem which is that I downloaded
fop.jar file from out of bin
release, and I tried to add it to ant build file of my app which is based on
appfuse , but I get this error when I try to build my app

package org.apache.fop.apps does not exist
[javac] import org.apache.fop.apps.*;

I added this to my lib dir

[vdejanovic@iscdev lesnik]$ ls lib/fop-1/

this is part of code which I added to file in lib dir


and this is part which I added to build.xml

<lib dir="${fop.dir}" includes="*.jar" excludes="*mock.jar"/>

I added last part inside build.xml in

<war destfile="${webapp.dist}/${webapp.war}" duplicate="preserve"
webxml="${}/WEB-INF/web.xml" compress="true">
<fileset dir="${}" excludes="**/web.xml"/>
<metainf dir="${webapp.dist}" includes="context.xml"/>

Does any one have any idea what am I doing wrong ?


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