Re: FOP 0.95 - Is it possible to embed TTFs in
their entirety?

It's not possible with FOP 0.95, but I've added an optional recently
in FOP Trunk that allows that:
(look for: encoding-mode="single-byte")

See also:


On 09.02.2009 22:24:34 Charlie Flowers wrote:
> Hello,
> We use Apache FOP to produce an arbitrary number of PDFs, which we then
> stitch together into a single PDF using iText. Because FOP only embeds
> a subset of any TTFs used, the resultant PDF contains dozens or
> hundreds of embedded fragments for each font used. Is it possible to override
> this in any way to allow FOP to embed the entire font, or would I be
> better off converting the TTF to a PS font?
> Thanks,
> Charlie Flowers

Jeremias Maerki

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