Re: [Postscript] German umlauts are not shown for
Postscript output of Trunk

I think I know now what the problem is. You're using PS output with no
"resource optimization" [1] (the default). In that mode, the fonts are
set up before we know what characters are used. I seem to have forgotten
to test the PS output in that mode after my changes to make all
available glyphs in a Type 1 font usable in PostScript. The short-term
work-around is to enable "resource optimization":
<optimize-resources>true</optimize-resources> in the configuration.

I'll see to it that this gets fixed.


On 06.02.2009 17:01:39 Ingo Maas wrote:
> Hi,
> Recently, I upgraded to current Trunk. I noticed that German umlauts are not
> shown for Postscript output anymore. Using release 0.95, German umlauts look
> fine.
> I have made a diff of both output documents, and there are some subtle
> differences, see attached files. Both documents do contain the octal
> entities for the umlauts.
> I'm using font metrics definitions for Type 1 fonts for Postscript renderer
> in configuration file 'fop.xconf'.
> Can someone have a look at it to confirm that something is broken in
> Postscript renderer output in Trunk, please?
> Regards, Ingo

Jeremias Maerki

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