Re: Suppress the Form-Feed at the end of a

On 06 Feb 2009, at 19:26, Steffanina, Jeff wrote:

Hi Jeff

What output format are talking about? Plain Text?
I am creating a .pdf. The large page-sequence is basically a 5,000 row

In that case, I'm afraid you have a hit a limitation in FOP.
FOP works at its best with small to medium-sized page-sequences (since we can recycle the memory occupied by objects for the first page- sequence before we begin processing the next).
If it is at all possible, we therefore advise to use separate page- sequences. If you have the requirement of producing one single continuous flow, then this piece of advice won't get you anywhere, unfortunately... :-(

So, I fear there is no easy answer to your issue, apart from reworking FOP to start processing page-sequences much sooner than is currently the case.



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