RE: cell number overflow

You may agree or not, from user's perspective, older versions have better and
smarter handling of the case. There might be reasons not to continue processing
like before. Hoping it was not technical. I wish we are closing to auto-layout
of table.



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Li, Hao wrote:
> FOP 0.93 and 0.94 may just give the warning below and continue to render:
> WARNING: There are fewer table-columns than are needed. Column 5 was
> accessed, b
> ut only 4 columns have been defined. The last defined column will be reused.
> (fo
> :table, location: 23/245)

Like you noticed this wasnât working properly.

> FOP 0.95 must have changed a lot. Would not it be nice not to throw an
> exception?

No, otherwise we canât offer the âspeedâ option like I explained in my
earlier message.

> Since 0.95 has done a lot work to process tables without the
> table-column definition, it appears that this case can be handled
> better.

How do you think it should be handled?

> It would also be nice that column definitions doesn't have to be
> strictly limited to all columns but just the few columns that user
> wants. For example, if I only want column#2 to be 200px wide, then
> I will define only column#2. Other columns will be equally spaced.

You can do that. FOP will fill the holes with default columns, whose
widths will be set to "proportional-column-width(1)". You just have to
explicitly ...

specify a table-column element for the last column, so that
the number of columns can be obtained. For example:
<fo:table table-layout="fixed" width="100%">
<fo:table-column column-number="2" column-width="3cm"/>
<fo:table-column column-number="5"

This is a table with 5 columns, all of the same width except column
number 2 that will be 3cm wide.

What I should have added in my earlier answer is that if you donât put
table-column elements at all, then itâs as if you specified them all
with "proportional-column-width(1)". If you need different widths for
some columns, then you have to explicitly specify them.

> Another issue we noticed is that table-cell can not take percentage,
> only table-column can do it.

Setting width on table-cell elements isnât properly supported yet.

> Percentage is always preferred because the table may be nested thus
> does not necessarily take up all the width of a page. But if the above
> case occurs, the table won't even be rendered.
> thanks,
> Hao


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