Re: Using draft images with fop, and catalogs.

Hi Richard,

Kerry, Richard a Ãcrit :
> I don't particularly want to use "base".
> Up to now I've been the only person here using FOP. I have my own local
> paths hard-coded into various batch and configuration files I'm using.
> I am now trying to rearrange my project so other members of my team
> might use it. They may have some of the files at different places
> locally.
> What I want to do is minimize the number of different places they need
> to insert their own paths. And using the Catalog mechanism seems like a
> useful way of collecting together this type of information, at least as
> far as the two main Java programs (Saxon and Fop) are concerned. I am
> now using Saxon in this way and would like, if possible, to use Fop
> likewise.
> Over on the docbook-apps list Bob Stayton has advised me that there is
> some way of doing this in Fop. I'd apprecitate it if anyone could post
> an example of how to modify fop.bat to get this sort of functionality.

You might want to follow another route than XML catalogs. Best practice
seems to bundle everything in one project (a documentation project,
similarly to a software project). The rationale is that an XSLT
customization layer is usually designed to work with a particular
version of the DocBook XSLT stylesheets, PDF output is achieved using
a certain version of FOP, etc. To allow reproducibility of your outputs
itâs best to pack all the dependencies in the project, therefore be
independent of system upgrades, etc. Have a look at how Velocity set up
their documentation system:
In such an environment you should no longer need to use catalogs to
resolve URLs ins...

ide the FO file; you would just give a path thatâs
relative to the root of the project.

Otherwise, Andreasâ suggestion of playing with base might well cover
your needs after all. You can also consider using symbolic links if

> Appreciatively,
> Richard.


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