Re: Using draft images with fop, and catalogs.

On 05 Feb 2009, at 20:12, Andreas Delmelle wrote:

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That said, it never hurts to try it here. I'd dig in the archives, if I were you, since I'm almost certain that I have seen similar questions answered here in the past.

Took the liberty of entering a search myself, and this one seems to contain some interesting pointers/links: :list%3Afop-users%20catalog%20resolver+page:2+mid:i7nvi65adokdemxu+state:results

Although they are more intended for embedded usage of FOP in another Java application,. they may give you /some/ idea.

Unfortunately, I've never used catalogs myself, so if there's anyone around that has used them before (with FOP, from the command-line), it would be great if they chimed in.



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