Re: Using draft images with fop, and catalogs.

On 05 Feb 2009, at 15:51, Kerry, Richard wrote:

I don't particularly want to use "base".
Up to now I've been the only person here using FOP. I have my own local
paths hard-coded into various batch and configuration files I'm using.
I am now trying to rearrange my project so other members of my team
might use it. They may have some of the files at different places

Hmm, this seems precisely to be an argument in favor of configuring FOP to use a different base URL... Other users can resolve them using the base in their own particular context.

What I want to do is minimize the number of different places they need
to insert their own paths. And using the Catalog mechanism seems like a
useful way of collecting together this type of information, at least as
far as the two main Java programs (Saxon and Fop) are concerned. I am
now using Saxon in this way and would like, if possible, to use Fop

If you can resolve the complete URL at the XSLT stage, then it has nothing more to do with FOP. Note: you will then produce a FO document with absolute URIs, which is by definition no longer easily portable to other environments where the images may reside in different locations.
Also, the question then becomes slightly off-topic for this list, and belongs on Saxon's user-list.

That said, it never hurts to try it here. I'd dig in the archives, if I were you, since I'm almost certain that I have seen similar questions answered here in the past.

At any rate, fop.bat uses no particular XSLT implementation, but just the one that is available at runtime. Maybe it's just a matter of setting a JAXP system property in the command-line all the way at the bottom of the script.



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