Re: Using draft images with fop, and catalogs.

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I notice that at the moment the filename value appears in the FO file in the form "url(images/drft.png)" when I set draft.watermark.image to "images/draft.png" in my custom xsl file. Thus I presume that the stylesheet is just copying over the parameter value and putting it in "url()".


Can someone advise how to go about doing this. Do I need to tell the XSL stylesheet to change the format of what it inserts in the FO ? Or do I need to tell FOP that it's a URL/URI and to use the resolver ?

Nothing special to do with the stylesheet, URIResolvers or CatalogResolvers, IIC.
FOP recognizes 'url(images/draft.png)' as a relative URI, but will resolve it using the current working directory as the base[*], unless you use a configuration file when running FOP.
See also:

In short: if you use the configuration to set the 'base' option, that will be the base for all relative URIs encountered in the FO document. If you would set it to 'file:///C:/DocBook/docbook-xsl-1.74.0/' then you should get the same effect as specifying the absolute URI you started with.

[*] Note: there is an open Bugzilla entry ( ) concerning resolution of font URLs, where it is mentioned that it would probably be better in line with the related RFC to use the base URI of the document/config file. All well and easy if that actually exists as a file somewhere. As soon as the XML only exists as a stream or a LOB on a database, this will be next to impossible.




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