Re: Suppress the Form-Feed at the end of a

On 03 Feb 2009, at 17:23, Steffanina, Jeff wrote:

To clarify: Current Process
When you come to the end of a page-sequence, FOP automatically executes
a form feed and continues at the top of the NEXT page.

Desired Process:
When you get to the end of a page-sequence, do NOT advance to the top of
the next page. Instead, continue printing exactly where you left off on
the same page.

In that case, the answer is no for the area-tree based renderers (PDF, PS, Java2D...). Layout is performed for each page-sequence separately, which is precisely the reason why splitting a document into multiple page-sequences has a beneficial impact on memory usage. The last page of a sequence and the first page of the next sequence are distinct objects in the area tree.
If I understand Jeremias' question correctly, then something like that MAY be possible for the RTFHandler or TextHandler, since they do not rely on the information in the area tree, but process the FO events directly.



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