Urgent Question about FOP-hyphenation-wrap



I am trying to wrap data within a cell so it does not overflow to the next column.


I have tried the following already (which do not work for me):


keep-together.within-column="always" for cell or for block

wrap-option="wrap" for cell or for block


I am also using hyphenation. It works perfectly for everything except data that has an “_” (underscore in it). I have attached my resulting PDF as an example.


What can I do to get this data that has underscores in it to wrap within the cell?


I am using FOP 0.95


Any help is much appreciated.


If this is not the correct email address for such a question, please let me know the exact email address where I can post such a question.






Ashwini Sawant


Impact Systems, Inc.
20 Montchanin Road
Suite A-5
Greenville, DE  19807

302-573-6864 ext 206 office




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