Re: hinting lost on generating ttf

On Sun, 2006-08-27 at 23:49, Con Kolivas wrote:
> My mistake. It's only when opening an otf and then generating a ttf without
> changing it that all the hints are lost. To that end, even bitstream vera as
> an otf will lose all its hints on generating a ttf font from it. I can tell
> that by simply loading the newly generated ttf, as every entry is highlighted
> as needing hints. I've attached a bzip2 compressed vera.otf (30kb) which has
> all its hints still intact to make testing easy.
Oh, yes, of course that happens.
TrueType uses one mechanism for hinting a font, PostScript (otf)
another. The hinting formats are so different that they can't be

FontForge's ability to generate truetype instructions is pretty bad, so
it won't do this automagically on conversion.

If you want to use FF's auto-instruction capability:
Start out with a PostScript font
Element->Font Info->General->Quadratic
Select All

Going the other direction
Start out with a quadratic font
Element->Font Info->General->Quadratic (uncheck)
Select All

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