Re: [Evolution] Testing evolution-mapi


> > I found out that the setup wizard crashes with
> > incorrect connection information (GNOME BZ 576738) but when
> > using following connection parameters I just get
> >
> > Server Type: Exchange MAPI
> > Server:
> > Username: userid
> > Domain name: DOMAIN
> >
> > Are those parameters in correct form or should I use
> > something else?
> I have MAPI working with settings like that.  I didn't
> need the "/exchange" appended to the server name.  Make sure
> your domain is correct and that you're name server can resolve
> the server name (I used the IP address rather than the
> name).

thanks for tips, I still receive the same error with IP address. Do you happen
to know which ports are used? nmap sees that ports like msrpc, microsoft-ds,
and ms-term-serv are open but what are the actual ports needed?

> > I am using Fedora 11 Beta (version 2.26/0.26).
> I'm using Fedora rawhide with evolution 2.25.92.

I was using that last week with same results.


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