Re: [Evolution] Own project / idea for Google
summer of code 2009

I only asked because I tried xfce at his suggestion and found that I needed to
run a gnome app to get any work done. That being the case, I figured I may as
well be running gnome right up front. My theory was that doing anything serious
in xfce was more resource intensive than just running gnome, because you were
running the gnome libs ON TOP of the xfce libs.

He doesn't NEED to run a low resource desktop either, but says he prefers to. I
don't think he really is.

Sorry for the top post; only way possible on this blackberry.

Art Alexion
MIS/Central Office Support
Resources for Human Development

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On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 04:41:23PM +0000, Art Alexion wrote:
> On Fri, 2009-03-27 at 09:17 -0400, Chris G wrote:
> > Yes, so do I! I use xubuntu so I'm not fully Gnome but Gnome
> > applications such as Evolution are fully supported.
> I would be most appreciative if someone can clear this up for me, as a
> co-worker also uses Evolution and other Gnome apps in Xfce.
> It has always been my understanding that once one launches a Gnome app,
> like Evo or Nautilus, in Xfce that the gnome libs are loaded into
> memory, and you may as well be running full Gnome, resource wise.
> Is that true?
Yes, except that when you install something like Evolution in xfce it
only installs those libraries it actually needs. So, depending on
which bits of Gnome you use, there will be more or less library
baggage brought in with it.

I don't run xfc...

e because of its lower hardware requirements, I just
like the cleaner/leaner way it works. My system is very new, has an
Intel Quad core processor and 8Gb of memory so the odd extra library
being loaded isn't really an issue.

Chris Green
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