[Evolution] Own project / idea for Google summer
of code 2009


I would like to discuss my own project / idea for Google summer of code 2009 and if you are interested in, then I would like to find a potential mentor for this project.

I am a daily user of GNOME desktop environment and I am missing useful, user-friendly synchronization support with the possibility of broader settings between Evolution (Calendar, phonebook etc.) and mobile devices (Nokia hand phones and so on) via bluetooth. I will introduce a plug-in for Evolution which can easily prepare the mobile device for synchronization, and which let the user set up a variety of synchronization settings and in really user-friendly way synchronizes all the required data in both directions.

According to the format disclosure at http://live.gnome.org/SummerOfCode2009/Ideas:

Evolution: Synchronization with mobile devices via bluetooth
  • Benefits: Better, user-friendly, competitive synchronization ability with broader settings between Evolution (calendar, phonebook, etc.) and mobile devices.
  • Requirements: C programming knowledge, GObject-system knowledge, knowledge of plug-in writing for evolution
  • Description: Write a plug-in, which will provide a synchronization ability between evolution (calendar, phonebook) and mobile devices in both directions. The plug-in should be user-friedly with the possibility of broader settings and should support as many mobile devices as possible.

With best regards, Pavol Srna. _______________________________________________
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