Re: CMP - RFC???

Jorge Redond Flames <redondo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>Anybody knows which RFC (2510 or 4210) the CMP implementations in cryptlib is
>compliant with? I think that it might be with RFC 2510 because RFC 4210 is
>too recent (September 2005). But would like to know precisely.

cryptlib implements 2510, but since 4210 is practically identical to 2510
cryptlib would be compliant with both. The only significant change in 4210 is
that the ghastly "CMP transport protocol" mess is relegated to its own RFC,
but since that never really worked properly and everyone just went with HTTP
transport, it's not really an issue. The only other change is that they've
added a way of turning off confirmation messages because whoever is editing it
now wasn't around the last time they tried this, when they found that the
protocol stopped working if there were network problems and you did this.

So cryptlib is compliant with both 2510 and 4210.


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