Subject: [Orgmode] Gnuplot unevenly spaced non-numeric data


I'm interested in plotting with non-numeric data for the x component of the data points but don't want to have the gnuplot default of automatic spacing. Does anyone know a way to have a word displayed instead of a number but have the words unevenly spaced according to a "hidden value"?
| 1 | x: where it should be on the scale |  y ||---+------------------------------------+----|| a |                                  0 | 10 | | b |                                 10 | 20 || c |                                 11 | 30 || d |                                 40 | 40 |
Does that make sense? If I just had the table minus the 2nd column, it would space a->d evenly as if they were 0,1,2,3 or something like that. I'd like control over their spacing.

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