[ToI] Ragging: Some superhit formulae


Ragging: Some superhit formulae

Ragging, is a lot of sweat for senior students too! After all to make the introduction sessions funny yet not offensive, is no mean task. However, Lucknow's colleges have no dearth of novelty when it comes to having some harmless fun at the expense of the fachchas.

Propose a senior: Probably, is the most popular way to rag the fachchas. The senior students ask the new entrants to propose to one of their classmates or just any girl or boy sitting alone. The funny and sarcastic comments given to the poor and nervous boy or girl undergoing the ordeal, usually has the onlookers laughing aloud.

Dance for athanni-chavanni: A senior explains to juniors that to their left is an athanni and to their right a chavanni and that that they should move their waist in the directions indicated by the coins. The seniors then chant 'athanni, chavanni' in quick succession. Most freshers give latkas and jhatkas of a lifetime during this waist twisting session.

Measure with a match-stick: In this a first year student is asked to measure the longest part of the campus with a match-stick. This surely is hard labour for new entrants.

Pleasure Pressure: Another one of it's kind ragging funda where students are asked to assume themselves to be pressure-cooker with high pressure inside and then are asked to whistle like a cooker.

Pun intended: To make fuchchas sound seriously funny, seniors ask the first year students to introduce themselves in detail but by a...

dding a particular takiya kalam like 'gayi bhains paani mein' after every sentence. Now, imagine how interesting the introductions would be: 'I am Saurabh Sinha gayi bhains pani mein.' 'I secured 92 per cent in my XII class gayi bhains paani mein.' 'I have joined B Sc in LU gayi bhains paani mein!'