[Media Story] Letters sent to students and parents


Letters sent to students and parents
July 25, 2005   After ragging reared its ugly head in the L.D Arts College on Tuesday and cross complaints were registered by involved students, the college authorities sent out letters to these students to abstain from such activities in future or face stem action, on Sunday.   However, the college authorities maintain that it was not ragging but a case of hooliganism with several outsiders involved.

Navrangpura police had arrested second year students Roshan Chaudhary, Manan Trivedi and Nutan Desai in this connection on Saturday morning but cross complaint from Chaudhary led to arrest of complainants Indrajit, Mahendra and Sandeep, among others. However, all the students were let off late on Saturday evening.

The college authorities have also written letters of parents of these students and summoned them for meeting in the next week. The principal, Dr M.D. Chavda, said, "The involved students will have to give a written assurance that they will not indulge in such activity in future. Their parents have been also summoned. If they fail to respond we will take stem action."

Dr Chavda denied that ragging took place. "It was their internal matter. The ragging report is false," he said. However, acknowledging the fact that some outsiders were involved, Dr Chavda expressed concerns over anti-social elements entering the campus area. Once admission procedure gets over and all identity cards are issued, then random check will be carried out to stop dadas from entering the campus area, he informed. However, a student leader said it was indeed a case of ragging-gone-awry and that there was a need to tighten security in college campuses by the GU authorities.

Two groups of L.D. Arts College, which also included a few outsiders, had a tussle over ragging first year students on Tuesday. The issue had snowballed into a show of strength between the two groups.

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