Ragging Manual!!!!


The KGMU ragging manual


Act I: "....na jane kahan kahan se aye hain. Inhe insaan banane ke liye badi mehnat karni padegi," utters a senior at King George's Medical University (KGMU) after allowing a group of freshers who had come to complete admission formalities recently.

Act II: White dress, black school shoes, properly oiled inch long hair for boys and plats for girls and ?yes sir'.

(While Act I is the attitude of seniors, Act II is the way to escape immediate ragging).

LUCKNOW: Freshers cram Act II or you might land into trouble. The senior batch (2004) at KGMU is giving final touches to a ragging plan as a welcome. Included in this plan are activities like proposing to a class fellow, uttering fowl words, singing swear word anthems and so on. The plan is based on the 'traditional' sixty-five page long ragging manual.

President, Resident Doctors Associations, Devashish Shukla told TOI, "The ragging manual is a hand-written book prepared by seniors which is passed on to the junior batch." He said the origin of the book is not known however.

Praveen, an MBBS student elaborated the details of the book. "It explains all seventeen forms of 'salam'. Some examples are: Salam no 3, in which the fresher has to bow till the third button level of the senior and salute him. Another example is 'salam' no 13 in which the junior has to touch the ground and salute the senior. The highest level, 'salam' no 17, in which the fresher has to lie down on the ground and then say 'salam'," he said.

Devashish added, "It has a list of pranks such as asking a junior to make a cadaver eat sweets in the anatomy department, making him dance on the teacher's table till he comes to the class on the condition to spare him at the time of ragging later on and many more." He said the book also contained a list of pranks to be played on juniors all through the year on occasions like Holi, Diwali, Eid and Bakrid.

Mridula (name changed), a colleague of Devashish told TOI: "The book contains a separate section containing an index of ragging tricks for girls. The girls might be asked to sit under the table for a couple of hours or balance a book on their head, put a dozen clips on their heads, apply oil that drips, ask them to imagine things and behave accordingly.

One example is imagine being a duck and then 'quack' around in the campus."

Some of the seniors however indicated that the juniors were safe for now because of the first professional (I year) examination starting on August 2, but they stressed that there was no way to escape ragging. However, RDA president said that ragging would not be allowed

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