Re: thanks

Hi Manasi!

Thanks for writing so candidly. Infact there are very few who know  as to what extent ragging can be harmful. One of the most essential reason and method of spreading awareness by  CURE is to sensitize the society towards ragging by highlighting its ill-effects. I am happy that though gradually yet we are successful in changing the mindset of youth towards this menace.

Can you play a more active role in this organisation????


On Wed, 20 Jul 2005 manasi singh wrote :
>im a new member of this organization .i came across CURE through TCP newspaper and checked it out just out of the site has changed my perception of ragging.i was the kind of person who was actively taking part in this personality development program(PDP) or wat u call as RAGGING.i used to think that ragging is an essential part of the college curricula and should be legalised.and carrying it out was my prime duty as a senior .though here i would like to mention that my kind of ragging used be totally harmless(as far as i used to think), no physical and sexual abuse was done but yeah verbal abuse to some extent.i thought that though it is a mental agony to the juniors but it prepares them to face the much more rude world outside.
>after checking out ur site and after reading those cases my perspective has changed or i hve undergone  a paradigm shift.
>i hve stopped carrying out ragging and have started treating my juniors with respect and an elderly love.i have also discouraged it among my friends though i became the butt of their jokes.still...
>i wish all the members of cure a very gud luck for their future activities and thanks for making me realize my mistakes.
>wid luck
>delhi university
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