TCP features Page on Ragging

Hi All   This year, we successfully roped in the very popular "The Campus Paper" in our anti-ragging campaign. The Campus Paper is a Univ of Delhi newspaper and has a circulation of around 20,000.   TCP, a fortnightly newspaper dedicated a complete page (plus another half) on Ragging articles contributed by CURE. They also mentioned the "Ragging Special Page" on the first page of the newspaper. CURE was also mentioned by the newspaper in a very visible and positive way.   The four articles which got published are the following::: 1. Ragging death toll: 10 victims in 4 years 2. Ragging: Frequently asked Questions 3. Five Myths About Ragging 4. Ragging: A Vision for the Future   It is a very well-done page and I advise members to pick up copies of TCP for the same. It has well-written content, with nice illustrations and designing. We can use copies of the page as an eye-opener for people. Ofcourse, our own newsletter is on the way.   With this, CURE continues in its mission to dispell myths about ragging and bring the topic in the right perspective. Its been only with support of all of you that this has been possible. Through this effort, we aim at getting in more members to CURE.   I thank Harsh, Rajiv and Mohit for participating in meetings with TCP plus contributing articles. Thanks to Yavnika for introducing us to TCP last year.   Regards Varun   *************************************** Varun Aggarwal Founder Member, CURE Coalition to Uproot Ragging from Education, BE, NSIT, Univ. Of Delhi Grad Student, MIT, USA, Fall 2005 ***************************************