Re: Asemmbly errros attempting to compile sgi cvs
for vr4181

Jesse W. Hathaway wrote:
> int_handler.S:129: Error: missing ')'
> int_handler.S:129: Error: illegal operands `lui'
> int_handler.S:130: Error: missing ')'
> int_handler.S:130: Error: bad expression
> int_handler.S:130: Error: illegal operands `lhu'
> int_handler.S:131: Error: missing ')'
> int_handler.S:131: Error: bad expression
> int_handler.S:131: Error: illegal operands `lhu'
> This is with binutils 2.11.92 and gcc 3.0.4. Though, my knowledge of
> mips assembly is in its infancy, the referenced code appears to be
> correct. Is this a compiler problem or perhaps something simple which I
> am missing?

It's an assembler bug. Fixed in newer binutils.


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