Re: question on cobalt qube 2 support

Am Tue den 19 Mar 2002 um 07:12:56AM +1100 schrieb Erik de Castro Lopo:

> 4) Grabbed the 2.4.18 kernel sources and the linux MIPS patches from
> 5) Applied the patches and fixed a few compile problems (looks like the
> Qube2 support has lapsed a little).
> 6) Saved the old kernel image /boot/vmlinux.gz and copied the new one
> into place and rebooted.
> Anyway thats where I'm up to :-). The reboot failed and I now need to pull
> the harddrive out and hook it up to my i386 machine again to move the old
> kernel back into place and try to figure out what went wrong.
> Since the reboot failed I have also built myself a console cable to hook
> up to the serial port of the Qube.
Yes that's what one has to do. I suppose you are refering to the hint
given in the NetBSD Cobalt FAQ:

In the Cobalt firmware you can say:
bfd /boot/mykernel.gz

and the box will boot the file /boot/mykernel.gz

Thank you and Karsten for your replies,


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