Another upload?

Do you guys think we should do another upload? Currently, the (not yet
uploaded) changelog entry contains:

* Roland Bauerschmidt <rb@xxxxxxxxxx>
+ Applied patch by Modestas Vainius <geromanas@xxxxxxxxxx> to fix a
memory leak in the GNUTLS compatibility wrapper. Closes: #264443.
+ Applied patch by Modestas Vainius <geromanas@xxxxxxxxxx> to
install executables without stripping them by using the "-s"
option. They will be stripped by dh_strip later, which is aware
of DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS. Closes: #264448.
* Torsten Landschoff <torsten@xxxxxxxxxx>
+ debian/configure.options: Build back-ldap statically (closes: #238444).
+ libraries/libldap/ Link with thread libraries
(closes: #266688).

And there are a couple of further easy to fix bugs we might want to
include in the sarge release, too. I'm thinking #265860 here for

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