NEW! The only one if its kind anywhere!

The Western Hemisphere Hospital Database covers all countries
in North and South America including Canada, the entire United
States, the Caribbean, Central America and South America.

The number of hospitals in this unprecedented
database exceeds 40,000.

Healthcare-related companies must now think globally in their
search for growth. Canada and Latin America have become an
important opportunity. Canada spends over $250 billion to
finance its healthcare system. Latin America's attractions
include a population twice the size of the U.S., superior
economic growth rates and a rapidly expanding appetite and
ability to pay for modern healthcare.

This database covers over 250,000 key personnel and facility
contacts for more than 40,000 hospitals. Information includes
senior managers at each facility (including purchasing, IT,
nursing, etc.) along with mailing address, direct-dial phone
numbers and fax numbers. It also includes updated information
on hospital ownership, beds, employees,admissions, discharges
and specialized services.

If reaching the right decision-maker is critical to the success
of your direct marketing campaigns, then this product is well-
suited to your needs. All contacts in our Western Hemisphere
Hospital Database are available by name and title. Imagine the
increase in marketing and sales effectiveness made possible by
targeting key contacts by name.

For the past 14 years, MedCom Inc. has maintained the most
comprehensive lists of hospitals. Our lists are 100% telephone
verified and updated every quarter. MedCom Inc. continues to hold
the nation's most extensive and reliable mailing lists and databases
of key decision-makers in the health care market.

Available exclusively on CD-Rom, the data can be used on an unlimited ...

basis. It is easily exportable to other programs for mailing or
faxing purposes.

For a limited time, this extensive hospital database is offered
at an introductory price of $475 (reg.$1,245).

BONUS OFFER: Order now and receive e-mails for all hospital contacts
free of charge (250,000 e-mail addresses -- $745 value)..

To order, please print this e-mail, complete the information below
and fax it to 416-765-0029 (tel: 416-765-0028).








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